We create websites on Squarespace for your business

Squarespace is another fantastic builder we have experience using. Squarespace websites are typically centred around the look & feel of the website rather than having lots of information & maybe a more technical site.

Designers, Architects, Artists or Ecommerce stores would benefit from having a website built with us through Squarespace.


Why build a website on Squarespace?

Whilst Squarespace doesn't boast the same numbers as it's competitors in terms of market share it does have alot to offer. Simplicity being the main factor. Squarespace like to make it easy for the user to build a website responsively and continue to maintain it. This may be a reason you choose to have your website hosted with Squarespace as you may also want to take control andmake changes yourselves, ideally with our expert advice of course.

How much does a Squarespace website cost?

Squarespace websites can range in price, but the good news is that whatever the size of your project Squarespace can accommodate. For more on how much we would charge for a new website build or a refresh of your current Squarespace website please get in touch using the contact form below.

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