Is Local SEO Important?

Local search & why it's important for your business

Will Edwards March 20, 2024

Start Local, Go Global with Local SEO Services

Drive local traffic to your website first when launching a new website or kick-starting a new marketing focus. Small business owners with ambitions to dominate the online space in their sector must prioritize local SEO campaigns.

Changes in Local Search Ranking

In 2015, Google replaced its “7-pack” with the 3-pack in local search ranking, reducing the number of listings displayed. Winning at local SEO requires understanding this shift and implementing effective strategies.

Google My Business

Ensure your presence in the top local 3 by setting up Google My Business correctly. Consistent address formatting across all listings, including social profiles, is crucial. Keyword research and accurate citations on top directories enhance visibility.

Listing Categories

Define your store category carefully for better visibility. Spending time on this small detail can lead to significant search traffic opportunities.

Review and Respond

Solicit good customer feedback and encourage reviews on your Google My Business page. Respond to all reviews to show engagement and improve local pack ranking.

Focus on Your Brand

Target specific local searches rather than high competition keywords. For better results, focus on niche terms related to your business, increasing the chances of appearing in the top 3 local pack.

Improve On-page SEO

Maximize your landing page content by including relevant search terms and your business area. Optimize title tags, headings, URLs, and alt tags, and embed a Google map for improved local rankings.


Mastering local SEO is crucial for online success. For a detailed discussion on local SEO strategies and services, contact us. Discover why we are one of the leading SEO agencies in Solihull.

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