Google Consent Mode V2 Guide

Everything you need to know about Google Consent Mode V2

Will Edwards February 29, 2024

In late last year's announcement, Google specified that Consent Mode v2 would become mandatory by March 6th, 2024. This directive affects website operators in Europe, necessitating adjustments to prevent potential issues with Google Ads and Analytics. Subsequently, confirmation arrived in January 2024, extending this requirement to businesses in the UK.

Understanding Google Consent Mode v2

This guide provides an in-depth exploration of Google Consent Mode v2, highlighting its core functionalities and outlining essential steps for ensuring compliance.


  • The deadline for implementing Google Consent Mode v2 is March 6th, 2024.
  • Adhering to these changes is imperative for consistent data collection and campaign optimization.
  • Failure to comply may lead to diminished effectiveness of ad campaigns.

What is Google Consent Mode?

Google Consent Mode facilitates conversion tracking and website insight gathering while respecting visitor cookie preferences. It aids in recovering lost conversions through data modeling.

Under GCM, consenting users have their data collected normally, while non-consenting users generate only anonymous data.

Updates in Google Consent Mode v2

GCM v2 aligns with recent developments in European privacy legislation, emphasizing compliance with laws pertaining to targeted advertising data.

It allows for data modeling in remarketing and ad personalization, enhancing campaign performance. Failure to implement by March 2024 may result in the inability to collect data for new UK or EEA users.

Implementation Guidelines

It's crucial to update consent mode and cookies policy, especially for businesses with active Google Ads. Utilizing advanced mode via Google Tag Manager is recommended for improved data modeling.


Google Consent Mode v2 is vital for compliance and effective ad campaigns. Correct implementation is paramount, and we're here to ensure your compliance and post-deadline measurement.

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